Keil Rosenvich


Birth Name Keil Rosenvich
Current Name Keil Rosenvich
Date of Birth July 1
Origin Russia / Germany / Estonia
Affiliation Elfelin
Rosenvich Family
Position Elder of Elfelin
Relatives Cheshire Elysee (Mother)
Lusyne Rosenvich (Father)
Nesyne Rosenvich (Aunt)
Ciel Rosenvich (Younger Half-brother)
Meryt Rosenvich (Niece)

Background & Involvement

Keil was the sole child between the union of Lusyne and Cheshire. Although a legitmate Rosenvich by birth, he was never regarded as worthy successor for his family due to his mother’s status.

The reality did not affect him, as he was one who held no affinity to power. Barely jealous of his younger half-brother, Ciel, he cared deeply for the latter instead. He always left the best for Ciel, even if it was to bring disadvantages to his ownself.

In fact, he remained to be one of the nicest people around in Elfelin throughout his lifetime. However, if pushed, he can also show a cruel side of him like any other Rosenvich was capable of.

Sharing the same talent like his aunt, Keil was an excellent painter. He learned the basics from Nesyne before gradually developing his own style. Alternatively, he had shown the tendencies of gifting his artworks to Meryt Nilevych whenever she took liking to any of them.

Similar to Ciel, he was childhood friends with Meryt Nilevych. A natural mediator, he kept the bond close between the three for many years, until that tragedy. To save both Ciel and Meryt, he volunteered to be sacrificed, and was ultimately killed.

Unknowingly behind everyone’s back, Ciel saved him. He survived, but fell into deep coma for five years straight. The truth was kept hidden from the outside world by Ciel, and even Meryt was not aware of it.

Keil’s eventual meet with Meryt was when he was helping Ur Ramses in saving her from Ciel’s hands. It was for the obvious reason. Keil never approved Ciel’s possessive acts on Meryt. Unlike Ciel, he saw no love in Ciel’s actions and exhorted the latter to let her go for the better. He did succeed.

It was later own revealed that Keil had love Meryt since the start, and he clearly knew she shared the same feelings for him when they were young. He pretended to not know, as he also noticed Ciel had a crush on her too.

He reasoned his selfless behaviour with, despite he loved Meryt, his love for his younger brother was far stronger. He was the only ally and family member of Ciel, and the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt Ciel.

When she went away from their world, Keil lend a hand to Ciel in raising the new addition to their family. He purposely named his niece as Meryt, in the memory of the girl both Ciel and he loved.

Additionally, Keil returned to Elfelin in resuming his role as an Elder. He spent the rest of his days faithfully assisting Ciel in reducing the latter’s workload. After all, the two of them understood the dire condition of their own body as Mai’s descendants.

He managed to outlive his younger brother in his later years, only by the slightest. His health deteriorated greatly after Ciel’s death, especially with his niece’s stunt on wanting to murder Meryt Nilevych.

On a brighter note, it was that faithful event that led him to be able to see Meryt Nilevych once more. Privately, he was asked by her about his remaining lifespan, to which he kindly responded he may have lesser than a year to live.


  • “Please, if you can refer me as Keil, then I hope you did not forget that I am a Rosenvich too.”
  • (To Ur Ramses) “Oh, warm greetings. I believe you are the pharaoh that our Meryt fell deeply in love with?”
  • (To Ceil Rosenvich about Meryt Nilevych) “Just how long do you want to lull yourself with the empty shell of hers?”
  • (To Meryt Nilevych) “Why the forlorn face, my fine lady?”
  • (To Meryt Nilevych) “Tomorrow, if I am unlucky. It may be a month, or two months. If I am really fortunate, I will have another year, or more.”

Ur Nassau


Birth Name Ur Nassau
Current Name Ur Rosenvich
Date of Birth August 11
Origin Egyptian / China / Japan
Affiliation Elfelin
Nassau Family
Rosenvich Family
Position Elder of Elfelin
Candidate of Nassau Head (Retired)
Relatives Urhi Nassau (Father)
Yukino Shinae (Mother)
Meryt Rosenvich (Wife)
Unnamed Rosenvich (Step Child)


Taking the very same name from one of his ancestors, Ur’s appearances diverted from a typical Nassau as he inherited the authentic form of his family’s earlier bloodline.

Ur has tanned skin and dark brown eyes like any other Egyptians while his short hair flared in auburn black colour. He also has both of his ear lobes pierced at a very young age, where he wears golden stud earrings on them at all times.

Background & Involvement

As the youngest child of Urhi and Yukino, Ur was naturally freed from many obligations in his life despite like any of his siblings, he was given the fair privilege of being a part of the candidates for the next Nassau head – by name at least.

Since his position left him with many time to spare, Ur was introduced to Meryt Rosenvich at a very young age by Keil on purpose, as a company and playmate. Perhaps it was predestined, Ur managed to win Meryt’s heart on their first meeting and he became a regular guest in the Rosenvich mansion.

Accustomed to satisfying Meryt’s demands, Ur matured fast and he grew responsible as he attempted to take care of her and the troubles she caused, even joining her for the Elfelin trainings to assure her safety.

In order to keep up within Meryt’s batch, Ur excelled many of the training modules accordingly and when they both graduated with flying colours, he then realised his obsession was not of pure friendship but courtly love.

His unwavering devotion for Meryt remained there for the longest period of time. He spoke no evil over any of Meryt’s deeds and when the time allowed so, he would be there to assist her in modest.

The only times where he broke his chivalrous codes was when he tried to stop Meryt from killing her mother. Much to his surprise in that event, he ended up discovering not only did Meryt look like her mother, but him, he had the identical face and physique of Ur Ramses.

Upon returning home with Meryt, Ur crossed his line again by proposing to her, vowing to take care of her and her child unconditionally. Since Meryt will definitely not abandon her Rosenvich name for obvious reasons and Ur held no fancy to his Nassau rank, Ur abandoned his status without second thoughts and he married into Rosenvich.


  • “In all dismays, I had to realise this thoughtful feelings are of love. I am ashamed.”
  • (To Ciel Rosenvich) “You may detest me like the deadly pestilence but do allow me to be at your daughter’s services. I beg of you.”
  • (About Meryt Rosenvich) “I die for her benefits. She is my drive, and I kill for her.”
  • (To Ur Ramses) “I am not you, no ifs ands or buts. Though I will recognise we have our own Meryt to defend. Alas, forefather.”
  • (To Meryt Rosenvich) “Would you accept me? I swear I will love and take care of you and the child regardless of all – in present, future and beyond. Speak my name, and there I shall be.”

Meryt Rosenvich


Birth Name Meryt Rosenvich
Current Name Meryt Rosenvich
Date of Birth February 4
Origin Russia / Germany / Japan
Affiliation Elfelin
Rosenvich Family
Position 69th Executive Leader of Elfelin
52nd Head of the Rosenvich Family
Relatives Keil Rosenvich (Half-uncle)
Ciel Rosenvich (Father)
Meryt Nilevych (Mother)
Ur Nassau (Husband)
Unnamed Rosenvich (Child)


Meryt is a girl of slender build and fair white skin. Her eyes are distinctive as they are heterochromatic, with her left being wolf grey while her right sparkled in ocean blue.

Since Ciel has an affinity for girls with long hair, Meryt grew up with her wavy silver hair reaching towards her waist, and she maintained the same length even until her later years.

Additionally, it is also noted that Meryt has identical looks with her mother, sharing exactly the same physical appearances with the exception of her heterochromatic eyes.

Background & Involvement

Despite Meryt being the only viable successor of her family like how Ciel was, she was raised very differently and it was with abundant love given by both her father and uncle.

Coddled by the very two adult figures in her family since birth, Meryt can be demanding over her requests and she showed little considerations over the feelings of others, especially when her status was similar to a princess.

Meryt loved her father exceedingly and she would constantly work for his praises of any kind, even willingly asked for the gruesome trainings in Elfelin at a very young age to proof her abilities as a proud Rosenvich member and of course, for her beloved father.

Always believing the affection given by her father was genuinely directed towards her, Meryt was completely shocked when she made a sudden discovery over the identity and face of her mother, realizing she was perhaps merely a substitution for her father’s lost love.

Either she learned to accept the truth or her love for her father was extreme, Meryt encouraged Ciel to make a move on her regardless of his warnings on her staying away from him when he was still able to control his senses in the delusions he suffered.

Her attempts did succeed and she shared a short term relationship with Ciel before he passed on while seeing her as his lost love, in which she grievingly pretended as one as she sent off her consoled father.

The loss of her father made Meryt despise her mother greatly and she travelled all the way to confront her mother personally, planning to kill her mother for causing all the pain her father underwent in his life.

She was stopped by Ur Nassau at last, her intimate childhood friend who managed to come around on time and convinced her not to taint her hands, especially when she was pregnant with Ciel’s child.

Having brought back by Ur, she was subsequently proposed by him and in full tolerance of her previous acts, he promised to love her unconditionally and he will treat the child within her as his own. As Meryt loved Ur second best in the world, she accepted his offer without complain and married him into her family.


  • “I can take it… as long as it makes papa proud. I will be worthy of his love, worthy to be papa’s girl!”
  • (To Ciel Rosenvich) “It’s okay, papa. You can have me… I’m fully yours to own, Ciel.”
  • (To Ciel Rosenvich) “Yes Ciel… I’m here. I love you too… the very same amount like you do…”
  • (To Meryt Nilevych) “Do you even know how much pain you’ve inflicted on papa, on to me?!”
  • (To Ur Nassau) “You’re an idiot for liking me. But, I’m also an idiot for putting you aside before. I’m sorry… will you forgive me too?”

Ciel Rosenvich


Birth Name Ciel Rosenvich
Current Name Ciel Rosenvich
Date of Birth November 17
Origin Russia / Germany
Affiliation Elfelin
Rosenvich Family
Position 68th Executive Leader of Elfelin
51st Head of the Rosenvich Family
Relatives Cheshire Elysee (Step-mother)
Lusyne Rosenvich (Father)
Nesyne Rosenvich (Mother)
Keil Rosenvich (Older Half-brother)
Meryt Rosenvich (Daughter)


Ciel is a male of fair skin and slender but athletic build. Comparing to his naturally tall parents, Ciel is no taller than his mother though taking on the looks by having chilled wolf grey eyes and platinum blonde hair.

Ciel made no effort in styling his soft hair, simply brushing his longer bangs to the side with his fingers as they fall on his right eye while exposing the platinum ear cuffs he wears at both of his helix.

A particular fan of black, Ciel dressed mostly in tie and long military coat, contrasting them with a plain white collar shirt.

Background & Involvement

Considering Ciel was the only suitable successor of the Rosenvich family at his time, his existence was viewed to be essentially crucial and he was never taught about ‘unnecessary’ information or being humane. He lacked even the basic compassion in decision making and human lives held zero values within his perception.

Ciel was never close to anyone, with the exception of his older half-brother Keil and Meryt Nilevych, his childhood (and only) friend and eternal crush. The relationships they had were tightly knitted, and the bond was later on exploited and framed as a threat to Elfelin after Ciel took over the executive leader position upon his mother’s death.

Although surviving the power struggle at the end, Keil was unfortunately sacrificed in the process and his relationship with Meryt went downhill onwards. Even so, Ciel’s true feelings for Meryt were genuine and he can be an extremist when it came to protecting her personal safety, even if it was to hurt her in the process.

Ciel’s love for Meryt was absolute and possessive, going as far as to personally attending her basic needs during her disability and caging her in his room while tracking her whereabouts and actions through security cameras.

Temperamental and authoritative, Ciel was an incarnation of terror and no one would have dared to oppose him. Accustomed to people being inferior to him, Ciel was dissatisfied on Meryt liking people lower of his ranks and he ultimately exploded, unintentionally raping her in the process and regretting his actions.

Realizing Meryt will never be one of his and he was the cause of her near-death condition, Ciel reluctantly released Meryt to her love and he distanced himself once and for all.

When his crush went away from his world, Ciel raised his sole daughter with Keil, who Keil named her as Meryt Rosenvich. It was also then revealed that the daughter was actually a child produced when Ciel secretly extracted his crush’s ovum beforehand and artificially fertilized it himself.

Ciel mollycoddled his daughter explicitly and he was known for not being able to say no to her many requests. Obviously, he was also overly protective of his daughter and he will not hesitate to utilize all of Elfelin’s forces to proof that, as seen when he traced down and saved his kidnapped daughter within four hours of time.

As Meryt grew into a young lady, Ciel suffered from his delusions of recognizing his daughter as his crush while he closely approached the terminal stage of his inherited illness from his parent and grandmother.

With his final breath, Ciel declared he love Meryt a lot as he stared at his daughter, when it was clear that his ‘Meryt’ was actually referring to his crush instead.


  • “Skin them off and kill. I don’t need scums under my control.”
  • (To Meryt Nilevych) “Why don’t you get it…? I would give you anything just to have your heart…! Money, property, authority, or everything, you just have to ask me for it…”
  • “Now, are you disregarding my existence?”
  • (To Keil Rosenvich about Meryt Nilevych) “She is my property and not even you can change my mind.”
  • (To Meryt Rosenvich) “… I missed you so much… Meryt… I love you… I… love you…”

Youen Shinae


Birth Name Youen Shinae
Current Name Youen Shin
Date of Birth July 6
Origin Japan
Affiliation Shin Family
Position None
Relatives Nera Shin (Husband)
Youen Shinae (Older Sister)
Kuya Shin (Step-son)
Yukino Shinae (Daughter)
Mui Shin (Son)

Background & Involvement

Youen (珱媛) was the younger sister of Otome and a rare beauty among the Shin family members, considering she had inherited all the features that Shin would regard as beautiful, be it personality or physical looks.

As one of the most graceful people alive, Youen paid no attention in Elfelin affairs and she put all her heart into her hobbies such as flower decoration and literati painting. She was also notably talented in brewing teas, proved when it was able to satisfy even the pickiest taste buds in the world as Nera would visit the Shinae manor routinely to have a taste of them.

Although Youen was equally friendly to everyone she met, she was furtively uncomfortable if she was left alone with a male at any given time as she was previously raped during her teenage years.

Since the culprit was none other than Nera’s older brother, the supposedly successor of Shins head at that time, Nera came to know about the truth through investigation and he executed his brother, turning the tables to succeed the position while bringing justice for Youen’s tainted pride. As such, Youen felt the most secure with Nera’s presence.

Still, the scar left on Youen was not merely mental because Yukino, her daughter, was the fruit of that rape. Although Youen did hated Yukino during the pregnancy period and readily agreed on the betrothal of her unborn daughter to Rosenvich, she managed to overcome her disgust over time and accepted Yukino as a part of her flesh.

Unfortunately, the trials on Youen did not end there. More than ten years later, Otome plotted an assassination on Youen, in which the latter survived despite having both of her legs permanently paralysed in the process.

The event eventually led to the execution of her elder sister by Nera, who once again putting justice on her ill experiences. Receiving courage from the déjà vu, Youen confessed her romantic feelings to Nera and confronted the true motivation of his constant dedication on helping her, and put him into much inner struggle.

With Nera finally admitting he did wished Youen was his wife since the very beginning, she was married to him while her new husband was more than willing to accept her disabilities.

Deeming prosthetic treatments as an act of not being humane, Youen remained crippled for life but quickly adapted in her new life, staying indoors to pursue her hobbies with the help of servants arranged by Nera.


  • “Men… they should be caged… Those sleazy deviants…!”
  • (About Yukino Shinae) “This child is a victim like me… It would be unfair for me to throw the blame towards her.”
  • (To Otome Shin) “Why would you think I am seducing Nera…? I will never fight or betray with you sister, why would I even do that?!”
  • (To Nera Shin) “I will follow you. I want to follow you, even to the depths of hell. If I am able to face myself, why can’t you…?”
  • (To Nera Shin on not liking prosthesis) “One can never be too perfect. This is who I am and I did not want to change it. I’m happy like this, I got you.”

Mui Shin


Birth Name Mui Shin
Current Name Mui Mrvica
Date of Birth October 14
Origin China / Japan
Affiliation Shin Family
Mrvica Family
Position Family Advisor of Shin (Retired)
Relatives Nera Shin (Father)
Youen Shinae (Mother)
Kuya Shin (Older Half-brother)
Yukino Shinae (Older Half-sister)
Rea Mrvica (Wife)

Background & Involvement

Child of Nera and Youen, Mui (無意) was born blind and peculiarly, androgynous. Due to Mui’s utmost feminine figures, Mui was explicitly referred as a ‘she’ and she was raised as a female despite taking ‘Shin’ as her official surname, assuring that she was by no means a female.

Like a dignified lady as how Youen was, Mui was soft-spoken and she was never seen scolding any individual, ever, in her life. Since her blindness would prevent her from excelling in any physical activities, Mui focused entirely in literature arts and her speech form turned poetic by habit.

However, her gentle and seemingly harmless nature was not fully welcomed by others as she was also a scarily sharp observer, having the tendency of being able to read people’s minds whether they liked it or not. As a result, she was sometimes called the “eye of heart”.

Though people would prefer to keep a distance from Mui for good, Rea was utterly fond of Mui and treated Mui as a rare piece of specimen worthy of her collection.

The communications between the two became frequent and Mui eventually married into Mrvica family, making them the oddest couple in history.


  • “One is born blind, not bland.”
  • “They fear one for they feared they own selves.”
  • (To Kuya Shin) “Humans are supposedly lonely creatures; we born, live and die alone. And yet, why does one sense thy silver mate to be far lonelier than anyone else?”
  • (To Rea Mrvica) “Thou art attracting butterflies lately. May one knows to whom thee bloomest for?”
  • (To Rui Mrvica) “That beautiful soul, the world is crying for her. Thou, Mister Deadpan, is crying too. Is one wrong?”

Otome Shin


Birth Name Otome Shinae
Current Name Otome Shin (Stripped)
Date of Birth March 18
Origin Japan
Affiliation Elfelin
Shin Family (Exiled)
Position Member of Elfelin
Relatives Nera Shin (Ex-Husband)
Youen Shinae (Younger Sister)
Kuya Shin (Son)

Background & Involvement

Otome (乙女) was the first wife of Nera and the mother who gave birth to Kuya. With the Shin’s family blood being scattered, her marriage to Nera was not truly out of love but rather, an arrangement done by both of their parents to re-strengthen the bond within the clan.

Unlike her husband who held minimal affection to her, Otome did have feelings for Nera and she was constantly jealous when Nera stayed much more time in the Shinae manor than his very own manor.

As a source of release in her dissatisfaction, she inevitably redirected her anger towards Kuya by adding fuel into fire on the torments his son received from his father. Habitually, she blamed Kuya for being the main reason on Nera not liking her.

Otome’s abusive nature on Kuya was at an alarming rate, ranging from stepping on his new wounds to forcing his head into the water barrel, nearly killing him several times. Alternately, she was frankly hostile to Irina, disliking Irina’s frequent visit to their household for Kuya.

Her resentments ultimately peaked when she realized Nera had taken a liking to her sister Youen where he would personally request Youen on being his personal tea host during his visits in the Shinae manor.

Wanting to get rid of the thorn in her flesh, Otome plotted her sister’s assassination with Emmi through mutual interest by promising to help on securing Emmi’s positions in the Elfelin.

Perhaps it was karma, as the two was discovered by Kuya during the assault and he forcefully stopped them, directing the report to Nera.

Since the act of killing another clan member was a taboo within the Shin family, Otome’s name was stripped away from her and she was publically executed by Nera in front of all Shin members.


  • (About Nera Shin) “Shinae, Shinae, Shinae. He might as well just stay in that manor forever and never come back.”
  • (To Kuya Shin) “It’s all because of you that he wouldn’t look at me! It is all your fault, don’t you know that?!”
  • (To Irina Nassau) “Kuya? He is not here for this week… if he is lucky to return that early. Stop wasting your time.”
  • (About Youen Shinae) “I will kill you…! Everyone who seduces him should just disappear!”
  • (To Nera Shin) “What? You’re beheading me for Youen?! I’m your wife, not her! She bewitched you!”